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Persevere with Power

Persevere with Power

About the Resource:

Explore the power of persevering with hope during the dark times in which we live. Persevere with Power, by Samuel Rodriguez, is inspired by the faithfulness and courage of prophets Elijah and Elisha. When painful circumstances or losses have left you weary and discouraged, grab hold of God's promises, and get ready to complete your assignment! 

Standing on the truth of God's Word, Pastor Sam helps you to 

  • Remain faithful to God and experience His power and provision
  • Discover God's guidance for the time and season you are in
  • Learn how the plow of perseverance always leads to a mantle of promotion
  • Get your family back, your spiritual hunger back and your dream back 

No matter what you are experiencing, God is at work in your life. Hell cannot stop the prophetic anointing that God has placed on you. Determine to persevere and expect a harvest of outpouring from the limitless and living God

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