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Stop Waiting for Permission

Stop Waiting for Permission

About the Resource:

We each have a unique purpose in this life, one embedded within us by the Creator of the universe before time began. 

Yet we rarely experience this greatness because the glory of God within us is still waiting to be uncovered. So, we spend our lives running after the wrong goals. Eventually we burn out and stop believing that God has any bigger plans for us in light of our past failures and false starts.

However, Stephen Chandler believes God created everyone, including you, for greatness and doesn’t want anything to get in the way of that destiny. 

In Stop Waiting for Permission, you’ll discover the keys to unlock your unique calling and activate your innate, God-given strengths by: 

• identifying what’s holding you back

• discovering your unique genius

• maximizing your God-given greatness

• living in your purpose with perseverance 

The time to act is now! Stop waiting for permission.

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