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About the Resource:

Claire Culwell was raised in a loving adoptive home and at twenty-one she decided to meet her birth mother. This encounter shocked her when her birth mother, Tonya, confessed that when she was pregnant, she had gone to a clinic for an abortion. To her surprise the pregnancy continued to progress, and she learned she had been pregnant with twins. The abortion that terminated the life of Claire’s twin had miraculously spared her own. 

When Claire faced her own unplanned pregnancy as a single woman, she embraced the added opportunity to step into the shoes of those she advocates for. Her heart grew bigger on the issue of life, which increased her extension of empathy and grace to women in pregnancy crisis. At the same time, she began to challenge churches to truly value not just the unborn but also the women who face unexpected pregnancy.

Survivor is Claire’s incredible story of surviving abortion and advocating for the lives of unborn babies and their mothers, it is a message of grace and inspiration as she encourages us to choose life wherever we are.

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