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The Best of You

The Best of You

About the Resource:

Do you sometimes feel so stuck in an endless cycle of meeting everyone else’s needs and expectations that you lose sight of your own? You want to give the best of yourself to others. But what happens when people hurt or take advantage of you? What happens when life doesn’t go your way, despite your best efforts? 

The Best of You reveals breakthrough strategies to discover your true self, find your voice, set wise limits and still be a loving person. For over twenty years, Dr. Alison Cook has brought together faith and psychology to help thousands of women reclaim their confidence, find their purpose and develop the authentic connections they crave. Her unique wisdom will help you answer these tough questions: 

  • How do I put a stop to painful patterns that keep recurring in my life?
  • How do I find my voice and speak up for myself?
  • What if other people respond with anger, blame or a guilt trip? 

How do I trust myself to make wise decisions even in difficult circumstances?

You don’t have to stay stuck, overwhelmed or defeated. The Best of You gives you the path to the life and relationships that God designed for you to enjoy.

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