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The Hard Good

The Hard Good

About the Resource:

Written for those who desperately want to move forward, The Hard Good gives voice to the hard places we all have lived and Lisa Whittle’s clear directions as to where to go next.

Hard things are a part of life. Yet they don’t have to have the final word. They can become the keys to our greatest usability in the Kingdom of God—that is, if we let God make good of them, rather than running away and refusing the growth we truly crave. 

In The Hard Good Lisa Whittle will guide you on a powerful path to progress as we learn to:

  • Accept things we wish were different
  • Apologize and forgive first
  • Cheer for someone who gets what we want
  • Open our hearts again when we’ve been hurt
  • Find joy in the waiting
  • And show up when we want to shut down 

Your hard place is never too hard for God. Allow it to change you, help you and ready you for the greatest comeback you have ever known.

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