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The Political Seduction of the Church

The Political Seduction of the Church

About the Resource:

Was the relationship between evangelical Christians and Donald Trump a match made in heaven or a marriage made with hell? Did Christian conservatives trade their reputation for a seat at the political table, or is this just a false accusation from the Trump-hating, Christian-bashing, leftist media? And how did Donald Trump go from unlikely presidential candidate to superhero to political savior in the eyes of his supporters? 

In this penetrating, carefully documented, no-holds barred book, biblical scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown explains how millions of sincere Christians wrapped the gospel in the American flag and got so caught up in partisan politics that President Trump, almost more than Jesus, became the rallying point of their faith. 

Brown lays out the strategy for healthy political and cultural engagement and explores the dangers of Christian nationalism, rejects the idea that the Church is called to take over society and lays out a strategy for healthy political and cultural engagement. 

Brown also delves into the flood of failed, pro-Trump prophecies that swept through the Charismatic church during the 2020 elections, examining the genesis of false prophecy and evaluating the degree to which Christian conservatives bought into Q-Anon conspiracy theories. 

An extremely timely read, especially right before the 2022 mid-terms and the launching of the 2024 campaigns.

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