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Transforming Loneliness

Transforming Loneliness

About the Resource:

In Transforming Loneliness, Ruth Graham invites you to surrender your loneliness to God and work with Him in making healthy choices that lead to life, joy, and community. Loneliness knows no season and is common among our friends, family and colleagues. But loneliness isn't inevitable and it isn't forever.

Through biblical principles and examples, along with true-life stories, Transforming Loneliness will help you discover the core needs that drive your loneliness--the need to be known, to be chosen, to belong and to be valued. You will learn how these core needs can be met as God transforms your loneliness into a positive experience that accomplishes His purposes and draws you into a closer, more intimate and more meaningful relationship with Him and others.

Loneliness is not the last word. God designed you for connection, and through his power you will find it.

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