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Welcome to the Basement

Welcome to the Basement

About the Resource:

When Jesus came to earth, his first-shall-be-last teachings turned the world upside-down. So it's no surprise that when some of the earliest Jesus-followers started spreading the Good News, they were accused by the powers-that-be of having "upset the world" (Acts 17:6). They were labeled disrupters and troublemakers because they were preaching a new king, a new kingdom and a new way of life. 

Christians today are still called to upset the world. In Welcome to the Basement, Tim Ross gives both a rallying cry and a practical guide for becoming great in God's kingdom. In a conflict-ridden world that values celebrity, visibility and self-promotion, Jesus invites you to join him in "the basement," where ordinary acts of intentional love, service, empathy and kindness have extraordinary power to welcome people into Jesus' kingdom of peace, joy and life to the fullest. Readers of Welcome to the Basement will: 

  • Discover that they are God's masterpiece, called to a great identity and a great mission.
  • Learn to receive God's unstoppable love and grace that is always reaching out to the lost and hurting.
  • Experience for themselves the good that God has for them, because only people whose lives have been turned upside-down by God can become true world upsetters.
  • Gain step-by-step guidance for identifying the people, places and pieces that they've been called to disturb, disrupt and shower with God's love.

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