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LIFE TODAY is an innovative talk show, sharing the Gospel message with people all over the world. LIFE TODAY ministers to people directly and presents opportunities for viewers to participate in global mission outreaches.

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Manhood Manhood

Monday, May 25

  • Pastor Tom & Jan Lane
  • Manhood

The pastor couple and co-authors of Strong Women and the Men Who Love Them openly discuss the difficulties they’ve overcome to build a lasting marriage.

Countdown To The Apocalypse Countdown To The Apocalypse

Tuesday, May 26

  • Dr. Robert Jeffress
  • Countdown To The Apocalypse

The pastor and FOXNews contributor discusses current events and their role in theological interpretation.

Jesus and the Man with Demons - Part 1 Jesus and the Man with Demons - Part 1

Wednesday, May 27

  • Beth Moore
  • Jesus and the Man with Demons - Part 1

Wednesdays in the Word - Beth explores the ungodly influence that can torment our minds and examines how Jesus dealt with it.

Sweet Surrender Sweet Surrender

Thursday, May 28

  • Frank Turek
  • Sweet Surrender

The apologist and author of Stealing From God lays out some simple, yet profound, arguments that point the reasonable mind to God.

Mission Feeding Mission Feeding

Friday, May 29

  • James and Betty Robison
  • Mission Feeding

Witness the power of love in action as the Gospel is shared in word and deed for hungry children in southern Africa.

Mission Feeding Mission Feeding

Saturday, May 30

  • James and Betty Robison
  • Mission Feeding

Get the latest news from the most desperate places on earth as the Gospel takes action to feed starving children.