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LIFE TODAY is an innovative talk show, sharing the Gospel message with people all over the world. LIFE TODAY ministers to people directly and presents opportunities for viewers to participate in global mission outreaches.

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Living Amazed

Monday, May 22

  • James Robison
  • Living Amazed

Sheila Walsh and Dudley Hall join James and Betty to express God’s heart for those who are broken, ruined, and beyond repair.

Living Amazed

Tuesday, May 23

  • James Robison
  • Living Amazed

James shows how the power of the Holy Spirit enables us when we draw close to God’s heart. 

Sacred Privilege

Wednesday, May 24

  • Kay Warren
  • Sacred Privilege

Wednesdays in the Word - The wife of well-known pastor Rick Warren talks honestly about the challenges and the blessings of being in full-time ministry.

Living Amazed

Thursday, May 25

  • James Robison
  • Living Amazed

James explores the depths of God’s love and His desire to express it fully to you.

Mission Feeding

Friday, May 26

  • James and Betty Robison
  • Mission Feeding

LIFE’s missions partners journey to South Sudan, Angola, and other areas where famine is taking the lives of countless children.

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