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LIFE TODAY is an innovative talk show, sharing the Gospel message with people all over the world. LIFE TODAY ministers to people directly and presents opportunities for viewers to participate in global mission outreaches.

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Goliath Must Fall

Monday, July 17

  • Louie Giglio
  • Goliath Must Fall

The Passion City Church founder explains why the spiritual enemies in our lives must be defeated immediately

Pursuing Purpose

Tuesday, July 18

  • Kevin and Sam Sorbo
  • Pursuing Purpose

The couple behind the new movie “Let There Be Light” talk about the message not only behind the film, but behind their entire lives.

The Shelter of God's Promises: Peace

Wednesday, July 19

  • Sheila Walsh
  • The Shelter of God's Promises: Peace

Wednesdays in the Word - Sheila looks to events from Christ’s life to see how he rules over the external storms that threaten our lives as well as the internal storms that torment our souls.

Water for LIFE

Thursday, July 20

  • James and Betty Robison
  • Water for LIFE

Journey around the world to see how the simplest of solutions can have an immense impact on the lives of families plagued by contaminated drinking water.

Holding On To Prayer

Friday, July 21

  • Randy and Mary Travis
  • Holding On To Prayer

James and Betty share a classic performance of “When Mama Prayed” by Randy Travis and Mary Travis discusses the role of prayer in difficult times.

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